TESSA, The journey Continues…

Fondation Diane recently participated in Lebanon’s largest Recycling and Waste Management Exhibition and Conference (RAWMEC). This participation was part of Project TESSA, which aims to foster eco-friendly practices and promote a sustainable future.

Participation in RAWMEC

RAWMEC is Lebanon’s largest and most influential exhibition and conference focused on recycling and waste management. The event gathers industry leaders, experts, and innovators to showcase the latest technologies, strategies, and solutions in waste management. Fondation Diane’s presence at RAWMEC was a significant highlight, underscoring their dedication to environmental sustainability.


1. Interactive Booth: Fondation Diane’s booth at RAWMEC attracted a large number of visitors, eager to learn about the TESSA project and its impact. The interactive setup included demonstrations of sustainable practices, educational materials, and success stories from businesses that have benefited from TESSA’s guidance.

2. Workshops and Panels: Representatives from Fondation Diane conducted several workshops and participated in panel discussions. These sessions covered various topics, including sustainable business transformation, waste reduction techniques, and the importance of environmental education. The insights shared by Fondation Diane’s experts were well-received and sparked meaningful conversations among attendees.

3. Networking and Collaboration: RAWMEC provided an excellent platform for Fondation Diane to connect with other stakeholders in the recycling and waste management sector. These interactions opened doors for potential collaborations and partnerships aimed at furthering the cause of sustainability in Lebanon.

4. Showcasing Success Stories: Fondation Diane showcased real-life examples of businesses that have successfully transitioned to sustainable practices through the TESSA project. These success stories served as inspiration for other organizations, demonstrating the tangible benefits of adopting green practices.